Heading 1

Heading 1

Directed by: Eli Simon
Music Direction: Lex Leigh
Chorography: Allsion Eversol Chasteen 

Scenic Design: Brandon PT Davis
Costume Design: Cassie DeFile
Lithing Design: Jacob P. Brinkman
Sound Design: Garrett Gagnon

Photography: Brandon PT Davis

The first of Katori Hall’s ‘Memphis Plays’, Hoodoo Love is set during the Great Depression, when the memory of slavery, and the slave belief in hoodoo folk magic, is still very much alive. Young Toulou has run away from the cotton fields of Mississippi to big city Memphis to make it as a blues singer. When she falls in love with a rambling bluesman, Ace of Spades, she gives into the suggestions of the local madam, Candylady, and conjures up a hoodoo trick to make him fall in love with her back. When her brother Jib, a born-again Christian missionary, arrives in town, Toulou is forced to confront all that she was running away from, and a chain of events with devastating consequences is set in motion.

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