Rich Gril

Okoboji Summer Theatre| 2014

Directed by: Rich Cole

Scenic Design: Brandon PT Davis
Costume Design: Kirsteen Buchanan
Lithing Design: Savannah Bell
Sound Design: Michael Burke
Projection Design: Brandon PT Davis

Photography: Dan Schultz

Rich Girl is an American romantic drama centered around Claudine, a poor-little-rich-girl from Manhattan who is tired of living off her family's affluent name. She rebels against her mother Eve, a financial guru, and she engaged a theatre director named Henry. What starts as an electric romance, spindles into conflict as Henry's intentions are unsure if he genuinely loves her or is in it for the money.

After designing multiple period productions, it was a lot of fun to create something modern. This Manhattan Penthouse was modeled after a real estate guide I found online, and I was focused on the contemporary and sleek. I added the faux palm tree in the living room to show Eve's exotic taste and replaced it with a seasonal tree for Christmas.