Red Line CAFE

The objective was to design a restaurant based on randomly selected criteria. I was asked to create an Urban, Cafe, with a green wall. I was inspired by my passion for living in Chicago. When you walk through the front doors you stand underneath a wave lightbox with a Chicago star grate. The railings are inspired by the John Hancock building. The signage is reminiscent of the CTA. The menu is simplistic with coffee only being Dark. Medium, or light for those that are on the run, and ample seating for a customer who wants to be alone, or for a large group gathering. 
Advanced Vectorworks| Andy Broomell| 2018

The Coraline Experience

A Theme Entertainment Project comprised of Scenic, Costuming, Lighting, Sound, and Stage Management Students. We were tasked with developing the closed Sears Building at Southcoast Plaza into an Entertainment venue with Neil Gaiman character Coraline Jones. 
As a team, we divided our world into 3 areas based on the original story; "Real World", "Other World", and "Decaying World" My contribution to the project was working as the Drafting Lead, Scenic Design for the Other World Garden, and Development of 3D walkthroughs. 
Themed Entertainment| Lonnie Alcaraz, Sid Bingham, Holly Poe Durbin, and  Drew Dalzell| 2019
3D Walkthrough I modeling in Vectorworks, Rendered with Twinmotion Software and Color Correction in Adobe Premier. 
The Presentation developed by our team, Starting on slide 52 to showcase the section of the project I worked on with lighting design Marissa Alejandra Diaz.
Click the link for the full list of Collaborators. http://cast.nacs.uci.edu/lalcaraz/Coraline_Experience/Coraline_Playbill.pdf
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